On this page you can find our possible available captive bred or surplus animals.

When interested, you can send us an email to info@hetterrarium.com or use the contactform. We always ask about potential experience and/or the available housing.

During transfer, all animals will be in posession of a declaration or transfer and in case of Cites 1 and 2 animals history of the parents and if needed Cites paperwork will be added. 

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  • x.x CB21 Lanthanotus borneensis
    x.x CB21 Lanthanotus borneensis

    We have a small amount of captive bred Lanthanotus borneensis available.

    1 individual with a minute kink at the end of the tail and 2 perfect animals are left for a possible transfer.

    These are captive bred animals, of captive…

  • 1.3 CB16 Mauremys nigricans
    1.3 CB16 Mauremys nigricans

    Available for transfer: 1 male and 3 females Mauremys nigricans.

    These animals are captive bred by Turtle Island in 2016. These are of the smaller form with bigger heads. The male is showing more of the charactiristic adult…

  • x.x CB22 Shinisaurus crocodilurus
    x.x CB22 Shinisaurus crocodilurus

    We have a small group of captive bred 01-2022 Shinisaurus crocodilurus that soon will be able to leave for a new home. We are currently awaiting the needed Cites 1, EU appendage A documents needed for transfer.

    These young where…

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