We are looking for

For our running projects we are looking for the following animals: 


  • Aquatic snakes:
    • x.x.x Erpeton tentaculatum
    • x.x.x Homalopsis sp.
    • x.x.x Acrochordus javanicus


  • Venomous snakes:
    • x.x.x Azemiops sp.
    • x.x.x Ovophis sp.


  • Chelonians:
    • ​1.0.0 Sacalia quadriocellata
    • 1.0.0 Sacalia bealei
    • x.x.x Platysternon megacephalum CB15 till CB18


These animals will be for our personal collection. And are not meant for resale. If you have any animals we are looking for. Please inform us with resent pictures, information and price to info@hetterrarium.com or send a message using the contact form.

Please note that (if needed) we need all documents of transfer, Cites documents etc. Also we will ask for any history on ether previous owner and/or origin of the parents. We keep a very tight administration and get checked regularly. 

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