Our current projects


Shinisaurus crocodilurus,

The hobby has had an positive impact on the growth of numbers of this species. Now, there seem to be more specimens in the hobby as in their natural range. 

We would hope this someday might change, but in the meantime we as hobbyist must do our best to protect this species in captivity. We would like to be a part of this and work with several lines and generations.




Asian pitvipers,

This group of snakes always held a special place in our heart. We acknowledge that these venomous snakes are not meant for every keeper, but for the right keeper these can be a joy to keep. In general they are not as rare in their natural range, but in the hobby numbers seem to have dwindled. At the moment we work with several species ofOvophis and Trimeresurus.




(Asian) turtles and tortoises are a big part of our projects and goals. Not only are they a great joy to work with. But unfortunately this is one of the most endangered groups of animals. As hobbyist we hope to have a positive impact on the preservation of these important reptiles. Currently we work with Platysternon, Sacalia, Mauremys, Ocadia, Cuora en de Manouria. 




Lanthanotus borneensis,

We work with a small group of CBB F2 generation Borneo Earless monitors. The natural range of these lizards is getting smaller and smaller. Causing a threat to this very specialistic reptile. Our goal is to breed these lizards, to learn more about them and add to the conservation of this species. 



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