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  • Apalone ferox - Info & care
    Apalone ferox - Info & care

    Like the Apalone spinifera the Apalone ferox is offered in big numbers in the United States and Europe. The most of these turtles come from so-called 'Farms' in the US and then get exported to for instance Europe.

  • Apalone spinifera - Info & care
    Apalone spinifera - Info & care

    Like the Apalone ferox. The spiny softshell is one of the most commonly bred and exported softshell turtles from the USA. They are active swimmers that require a lot of space. More info on these turtles can be found here.

  • Batagur borneoensis - Info & care.
    Batagur borneoensis - Info & care.

    A tremendous turtle species. Not only in colour. But also in size and personality. Batagur belong to one of the most endangered chelonians and are under great treat. In this article we like to share some info on these terrapins.

  • Centrochelys sulcata - Info & care
    Centrochelys sulcata - Info & care

    Geochelone sulcata, (Miller, 1779)The African Spurred Tortoise is one of the world's largest tortoise species and is only surpassed by the Galapagos tortoises (Chelonoidis nigra ‘complex’) and Aldabra turtles (Aldabrachelys…

  • Chelonoidis carbonarius - Info & care
    Chelonoidis carbonarius - Info & care

    Red footed tortoise are a popular pet reptile. They have great colours. A nice character and when some things are taken in account can be easy to take care of. Read more about this awesome species in this article

  • An image will follow soon.

    Combining turtles with fish?

    We regularly see turtles being purchased in a spur of the moment as a 'cool' addition to an existing aquarium. Unfortunately, in many cases this means that a turtle ends up in a situation that is not optimal and/or there are…

  • Cuora flavomarginata - Info & care
    Cuora flavomarginata - Info & care

    Currently the Cuora flavomarginata (Cistoclemmys flavomarginata), also known as the Chinese boxturtle, is probably the most commonly bred of all the terrestrial Cuora’s and they are a rewarding species to take care of.

  • An image will follow soon.

    Emydura subglobosa - Info & care

    This turtle is a great species for those who are looking for a more tropical medium sized species. They are bred commonly in the hobby. Have a nice behaviour and great colours,

  • Heosemys grandis - Info & care
    Heosemys grandis - Info & care

    This big turtle ia a true semi aquatic species. Spending as much time in the water as it does on land. They come from average moderate climates so can be kept outside during the summer. Find out more about them in this article.

  • Indotestudo elongata - Info & care
    Indotestudo elongata - Info & care

    Indotestudo elongata, (Blyth, 1853)The Indotestudo genus contains only three species, the Forsten's Tortoise (I. forstenii) appearing exclusively on the island of Sulawesi, the Travancore tortoise (I. travancorica) which get found…

  • Macrochelys temminckii - Info & care
    Macrochelys temminckii - Info & care

    These prehistoric looking turtles can only be kept by experienced keepers. Who have plenty of space and the recoursed to supply in the needs of these animals. But, when you have the space. These can be great turtles to oberve.

  • Manouria emys - Info & care
    Manouria emys - Info & care

    Manouria emys are the biggest land living chelonian in Azia. Unfortunatly like many these are also endangered because of exploitation and habitat loss.

  • Mauremys annamensis - Info & care
    Mauremys annamensis - Info & care

    This species is a true testament to the positive influence that serious hobbyists can have on the conservation of species in captivity. Many Asian turtles are seriously threatened by habitat loss and by over-consumption of the…

  • Mauremys japonica - Info & care
    Mauremys japonica - Info & care

    Mauremys japonica is a turtle with a small size but with a very big character. This species is very active and very attentive which makes it a pleasure for the hobbyist to take care of this species. This species is regularly bred…

  • Mauremys nigricans - Info & care
    Mauremys nigricans - Info & care

    In the past, the interest for Mauremys nigricans was not very high. The species has, apart from the red coloration of some males (which is mainly evident in the mating season), few remarkable features and in the same area more…

  • Mauremys reevesii - Info & care
    Mauremys reevesii - Info & care

    The Chinese Reevs Turtle is, together with the golden treat turtle (Ocadia sinensis) by far one of the most kept species of Asian turtles. This is because both species are bred in large numbers on turtle farms, in China and Taiwan…

  • Ocadia sinensis - Info & care
    Ocadia sinensis - Info & care

    Along with the Mauremys reevesii (Chinese three-keeled turtle), the Ocadia sinensis is one of the most common kept Asian turtles in the hobby. This species is bred in great numbers in so-called "Farms", especially in China and…

  • Pelodiscus sinensis - Info & care
    Pelodiscus sinensis - Info & care

    Pelodiscus sinensis, (Wiegmann, 1835)This is the third article in our #terrariumlibrary about a softshell turtle, of which these and possibly the Apalone spinifera ssp (males) are 'most' suitable for captive husbandy. The…

  • Sacalia sp - Info & care
    Sacalia sp - Info & care

    four-eyed turtles are a smaller Asian turtle species. They get their name from the 4 obvious spots on the back of their head. Looking like eyes. They have a interesting behaviour. Read more on these turtles in the article.....

  • Siebenrockiella crassicollis - Info & care
    Siebenrockiella crassicollis - Info & care

    The Siebenrockiella grassicollis is a mid-sized aquatic turtle that is ideal for those who have experience with for instance the commonly kept American sliders and are looking for a more tropical species.

  • Sternotherus odoratus - Info & care
    Sternotherus odoratus - Info & care

    The musk turtle or stinky pot turtle is easy to care for and remains significantly smaller than many offered yellow cheek and yellow belly turtles. They are very curious and active.

  • An image will follow soon.

    Trachemys scripta (ssp) - Info & care

    Trachemys scriptaIt is a well-known phenomenon, a local pet store with an aquarium full of small beautifully coloured turtles, mainly of the genus Trachemys, but also Pseudemys and Graptemys species. The impulse factor for these…

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