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    Candoia aspera - Info & care

    Candoia aspera, (Gunther, 1877)Physical characteristics: The Candoia aspera is a relatively small boa species. On average this snake will only get about 60cm, individuals of 80-100cm are a big exception. The scales are strongly…

  • Coelognathus helena - Info & care
    Coelognathus helena - Info & care

    Coelognathus helena is a medium sized Asian ratsnake. They are a great addition for someone who wants a smaller but active alternatif to the well known American ratsnakes. This species lends itself for a cool bio-active setup.....

  • Corallus hortulanus - Info & care
    Corallus hortulanus - Info & care

    Amazon tree boas are known for 2 things. 1- behaviour 2- being so polymorphic. This slender midsized arboreals are easy to take care of and would fit a bio-active setup very well.

  • Drymarchon couperi - Info & care
    Drymarchon couperi - Info & care

    The Indigo Snake is a big impressive snake belonging to the Colubridae. This species is also called the gopher snake because it hides in the tunnels dug by the gopher tortoise (Gopherus polyphemus)

  • Elaphe carinata - Info & care
    Elaphe carinata - Info & care

    King ratsnakes are a impressive species of colubrid. Because of their defensive behavirour we would recommend these to be kept by hobbyist who have experience with other large colubrids.

  • Elaphe dione - Info & care
    Elaphe dione - Info & care

    The Elaphe dione has the biggest geographical range of all ratsnakes. They adapt easily to varies circumstances and are therefore easy to care for in captivity.

  • Heterodon nasicus - Info & care
    Heterodon nasicus - Info & care

    Hognose snakes are awesome small and active colubrids. They have been populair for many years but the arrival of some mutations and pattern forms have made them to sky rocket into one of the most kept snakes.

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    Lampropeltis mexicana - Info & care

    Mexican kingsnakes are like many of the colourful Lampropeltis species very popular. They ahve great colours. A nice behaviour and are easy to care for in the terrarium.

  • Lampropeltis nigritis - Info & care
    Lampropeltis nigritis - Info & care

    This all black kingsnake is a nice change in the colourfull genus. They have a striking appearance, great feeding responce and are easy to care for. A great snake for any enthusiast.

  • Lampropeltis triangulum hondurensis - Info & care
    Lampropeltis triangulum hondurensis - Info & care

    A big impressibe milk snake with a often gentle disposition. These are true giants within their genus. And one of our personal favourites. Please read more about this snake in this article....

  • Oreocryptophis sp - Info & care
    Oreocryptophis sp - Info & care

    These colurful snakes are one of the best looking ratsnakes from Asia. And they do very well in captivity. In this article we discuss the four most kept subspecies. Being the O. p. coxi, vaillanti, laticincta and pulchra.

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    Pantherophis guttatus - Info & care

    Pantherophis guttatus, (Linnaeus, 1766)The Pantherophis guttatus is strongly represented in our hobby. Due to their calm behaviour, ease of care and reproduction this species was found to be very suitable for the beginning…

  • Python curtus 'complex' - Info & care
    Python curtus 'complex' - Info & care

    A introduction to the Python breitensteini, Python brongersmai and Python curtus. Also known as bloodpythons and shorttailpythons.

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