Solar Raptor HQL 160W.

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Specification Description
Weight 0,108 Kg
Type: Kwikdamplamp
Wattage: 160 Watt
Distance to animal: 50 cm
Light colour: 4900K
Lumen: 2390 lm
Colour Rendering Index: 45
Width light beam: 136graden

Solar Raptor mercury vapor lamps has one of the highest UVB outputs of the HQL lamps that are available on the market. The ballast is integrated with these lamps, which means that an external ESVA (Electronic ballast device) is not required. Due to their wide radius, they spread their light across a larger surface than many HID spotlights. As a consequence, the concentration of UV per square centimeter (UVI) is considerably lower but more evenly spread.

Also, the heat release is less concentrated. This makes it more difficult to offer the concentrated hotspot for true sun / heat worshipers. For those types that need such a hotspot, the HID lamps are a better option.

The Solar Raptor HQL (mercury vapor) lamps are mainly used in large enclosures that measure at least 120x60x60. With animals that are UVB needy but do not directly bask. Like many types of tropical turtles.

Due to the high UVB emission of these lamps they are only suitable for sun-loving and basking reptiles. Please be advised of the UVB need of your terrarium animal. In case of excessive UVB release, your animal may burn. In the case of too low a range, your terrarium animal may not get the required UVB. Please observe the minimum distances shown by the developer. These distances mean the distance measured from your animal to the lamp. Let a lamp burn for a minimum of 2 hours outside the occupant's terrarium before using inside the enclosure. Replace the lamp after 4000 hours of use because after this period the UVB release is greatly reduced.

For optimal longevity of your lamp and safety, it is important that your lamp hangs straight down and therefore not diagonally. By using a 'light bracket' you are sure that the lamp hangs straight down. These lamps become very hot and plastic fittings will melt or burn. Always place these lamps in a fixture with a ceramic fitting. We have several 'domes' in the assortment, all fitted with ceramic fitting for optimum safety.


More information about UVB lighting and the use of UVB for reptiles? Read our section 'Info - UV (B) lighting' in the Library.

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